Presenting Your Poster

Instructions for poster presentations

The poster session plays a vital role by providing an informal and direct means of discussing and presenting your work. A poster display space of 48″ × 48″ will be reserved for you. Generally, your work should be in Landscape format on 8½ × 11″ or A4 paper with a maximum of twenty four pages and should follow IRPS presentation format.

The use of large-format printers is also encouraged so that all your visuals can be shown on just one or two large sheets attached to the display board. In this case, explicitly following IRPS presentation format is not expected, but following certain IRPS recommendations, such as font size for text and graphics, text and graphic color, etc., will make it more visible to your audience.

You need to ready your poster prior the conference and carefully carry it to the symposium. Each poster has a designated display board in the Monterey Ballroom. The author should attach their poster between noon – 6:00 pm on April 3rd (Wed.) UPDATE- UPDATE and stand by for poster session attendees to come. Your session/topic chair is your primary point of contact with the symposium.

Uploading your poster

You don’t need to upload your poster.  Just bring your printed version to the symposium.