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TutorialsSession Chair: Susumu Shuto
Basics of Semiconductor Reliabilty I
TSA.4 - Basic Reliability Physics: Acceleration Models, Statistical Methods, and Defect ScreeningMark Porter, Medtronic, United States
TSB.1 - Bias Temperature Instabilities: Best Practices for Reliability Benchmarking and Optimization Based on Recent Theoretical InsightsJacopo Franco, IMEC, Belgium
TSB.2 - Self-heating: Assessment Methodologies, Impact on Reliability and Prospects for Future Technology Solutions Erik Bury, IMEC, Belgium
Basics of Semiconductor Reliabilty II
TSA.1 - Terrestrial Radiation and Its Impact on the Reliability Performance of MicroelectronicsRobert Baumann, Radiosity Solutions LLC & Southern Methodist University, United States
TSA.2 - Plasma-induced Damage-modeling, Characterizations, and Design MethodologiesKoji Eriguchi, Kyoto University, Japan
TSB.3 - Electromigration: Physics, Rule, Validation, and RelaxationYoung-Joon Park, Texas Instruments, United States
TMC.3 - Materials Analysis Techniques in SemiconductorLing Pan, Intel, United States
Memory Reliability / Power Devices Reliability
TSA.3 - SONOS or Charge Trap MemoriesKrishnaswamy Ramkumar, Cypress Semiconductor, United States
TMB.1 - Scaling Impacts on Reliability of p-STT MRAM CellsToshio Sunaga, Japan
TMB.2 - Phase Change Memory: Technology Reliability and System-Level ImplicationsHaralampos Pozidis and Nikolaos Papandreou, IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland
TMA.1 - The Role of Defects on Reliability Aspects in GaN Power DevicesClemens Ostermaier, Infineon, United States
TMA.3 - Testing for Wear and Abnormal Conditions of Power IGBT ModulesFrancesco Iannuzzo, Aalborg University, Denmark
Circuit & System Reliability
TSB.4 - Introduction to RF and Mixed-Signal Circuit ReliabilityVijay Reddy, Texas Instruments, United States
TMB.3 - Designing for Analog Reliability: From Components to CircuitsDhanoop Varghese and Sunglyong Kim, Texas Instruments, United States
TMD.2 - TCAD-EDA Assisted BTI-HCD Reliability Framework from Devices to CircuitsSouvik Mahapatra, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India