2019 IRPS Tutorials

Tutorial sessions offer a supreme overview of reliability in semiconductors, circuits, systems unavailable at any other venue at a tremendous value. IRPS conference has a very long history of dedicating two full days to the Tutorials sessions. Since 2011, IRPS conference has offered 129 tutorial 90 minute sessions with an average of over 21 unique sessions per year delivered by industry, academia, and government experts. IRPS tutorial program is designed for the newcomer, the informed, and the expert so whether one is a university student, a field practitioner, or an IEEE fellow, all may gain knowledge in their area or an adjacent one.

March 31st - TimeSunday Track 1Sunday Track 2
8:30-10:00amFEOL Reliability-Transistor reliability in the FinFET era
Stephen M. Ramey (Intel)
Compact, Efficient, and Precise Characterization of Circuit Aging Using Silicon Odometers
C. H. Kim (Univ. Minesota)
10:30-noonLow-K dielectric Reliability Challenges with Technology Scaling
Rahim Kasim (Intel)
SER-Radiation Hardening by Design of Digital Circuits
K. Kobayashi (Kyoto Institute of Technol.)
1:30-3:00pmESD-Protection Devices and their Applications in CMOS Technologies
Michael Stockinger (NXP)
System Reliability
Vincent Huard
3:30-5:00pmHardware opportunities for Deep Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence
Geoffrey W. Burr (IBM)
Hardware opportunities for Deep Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence
Scott Hareland (Medtronic)

April 1st - TimeMonday Track 1Monday Track 2Monday Track 3Monday Track 4
8:00-9:30amBTI-A NBTI Reliability Framework from Atoms to Processors
S. Mahapatra (IIT)
SiC-SiC Power Devices: Overview, Defect Electronics, and Reliability
T. Kimoto (Kyoto Univ.)
Automotive-Statistical implementations for reliability assessment in automotive manufacturing
Cristiano Capasso (GF)
Memory-Reliability issues of NAND Flash memory
Riichiro Shirota (NCTU)
10:00-11:30amThe Emerging Challenge of and Biomimetic Solutions to Self-heating in FINFET, ETSOI,
Nanosheet, & Surround-gate Transistors: A Material, Device and System Perspective

A. Alam (Purdue Univ.)
Failure modes and mechanisms of GaN HEMTs for microwave an power applications
Enrico Zanoni (Univ. Padova)
DFT/DFR-Testing of Automotive ICs
Nilanjan Mukherjee
(Mentor Graphics)
Memory-Device Challenges and Opportunities for ReRAM
Kensuke Ota (Toshiba)
12:30-2:00pmCircuit Reliability-Closing the gap between Reliability Physics, EDA and Circuit Design
Georgios Konstadinidis (Google)
TBDTBDCPI-Advanced Packaging Reliability
Kang Wook Lee (SK Hynix)
2:30-5:00pmYear In Review