IRPS 2018 Focus sessions

This year, IRPS will host three focus sessions in the middle of the technical program.

The focus sessions are:

Focus session on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

 Title of the focus session: WBG reliability synergies and standardization

Session Chairs: Sandeep Bahl, TI and Matteo Meneghini, University of Padova

Focus session on System Reliability

 Title of the focus session: To Space and Beyond: Methods and Themes to Develop Reliable Systems

Session Chairs: Guneet Sethi, Amazon Lab 126 and  Rob Kwasnick, Intel

Focus session on 3D/2.5D Packaging

 Title of the focus session: 3D integration and advanced packaging

Session Chairs: Kothandaraman Chandrasekara, IBM and Sudarshan Rangaraj, Amazon Lab 126