IRPS 2018 Focus sessions on 3D/2.5D Packaging

Focus session on 3D/2.5D Packaging

 Title of the focus session: 3D integration and advanced packaging

Abstract of the focus session:

With diminishing returns from traditional transistor scaling further improvements in power and performance of systems are likely to come from advanced packaging technologies. Furthermore, the increased focus on mobile computing has highlighted the need for improved form-factors and low power technologies. This can be achieved only via increased emphasis on advanced packaging concepts such as wafer level packaging and 3D integration. This focus session will highlight pioneering work on 3D integration and advanced packaging technologies conducted at leading semiconductor research and manufacturing organizations around the world.


High-Density Fan-Out Technology for Advanced SiP and Heterogeneous Integration – Kangwook Lee, VP, Amkor

Intra- and Inter-Chip Electrical Interconnection Formation by DSA – Murgesan Mariappan, Tohuku University

Stress mitigation of 3D-packaging induced stresses – Christof Croes, imec

Fine pitch 3D interconnections with hybrid bonding technology: process robustness/reliability results – Lucille Arnaud, CEA /LETI

Reliability concerns for advanced packaging – Subu Iyer, UCLA