IRPS 2018 Focus session on Wide BandGap Semiconductors

Focus session on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

 Title of the focus session: WBG reliability synergies and standardization

Abstract of the focus session:

This focus session will bring together the GaN and SiC communities around topics of mutual interest, e.g. reliability synergies and standardization of wide bandgap semiconductors. It is the first time in industry for such a session! IRPS is where reliability physics started and resulted in the qualification procedures we use. There is a worldwide effort underway to develop standards for wide bandgap devices. JEDEC has formed a new committee, JC70, and JEITA also has a WBG effort.  Our goal is to make IRPS the annual reliability physics hub for these activities and re-create the excitement and strong IRPS attendance!


Brief History of JEDEC Qualification Standards for Silicon Technology and Their Applicability to WBG Semiconductors – Joe McPherson, Reliability Consulting LLC

Physical failure analysis methods for wide band gap semiconductor devices – Andreas Graff, Fraunhofer IMWS

Challenges to realize highly reliable SiC power device – From the Current Status and Issues of SiC Wafer  – Junji Senzaki, AIST

Evaluation methodology for current collapse phenomena of GaN HEMTs – Toru Sugiyama, Toshiba

Understanding and Modeling Transient Threshold Instabilities in SiC MOSFETs – Hans Reisinger, Infineon