Focus Speakers and Invited Speakers

IRPS 2020 is soliciting increased participation in the following special focus topic areas.

  • Wide Bandgap – Reliability of SiC Devices
  • Neuromorphic Computing – Reliability issues
  • Circuit Reliability and Aging – EDA tools, sensor, aging aware designs
  • Reliability of RF/mmW/5G Devices – CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, SOI, GaAs

To join the focus sessions or sessions with invited papers, click the links in the table.

Focus SessionWide-Bandgap Semiconductors - SiC3B.1 Ruggedness of SiC devices under extreme conditionsPeter FriedrichsInfineon
5B.1 Defect spectroscopy in SiC devicesMichael WaltlTU Vienna
5B.2 Challenges and peculiarities in developing new standards for SiCDon GajewskiCree/Wolfspeed
Focus SessionNeuromorphic Computing Reliability3C.1 Introduction of Non-Volatile Computing In Memory (nvCIM) by 3D NAND Flash for Inference Accelerator of Deep Neural Network (DNN) and the Read Disturb Reliability EvaluationHang-Ting LueMacronix
8B.1 Embracing the Unreliability of Memory Devices for Neuromorphic ComputingDamien QuerliozU. Paris-Sud
8B.5 Neuromorphic computing with Phase Change, Device Reliability and Variability ChallengesCharles MackinIBM, Almaden
Focus SessionCircuit Reliability and Aging2A.1 An industry-standard approach toward modeling device agingColin ShawRosana Si2 / Silvaco
3A.1 A novel approach to in-field, in-mission reliability monitoring based on deep dataEvelyn LandmanCTO, ProteanTecs
3A.2 Voltage Regulator ReliabilitySaibal MukhopadhyayGeorgia Tech
3A.3 Experimental monitoring of aging in CMOS RF linear power amplifiers: correlation between device and circuit degradationRodriguez MartinezUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Focus SessionRF/mmW/5G Reliability2B.1 Reliability physics of GaN HEMT microwave devices: the age of scalingEnrico ZanoniUniv of Padova
2B.3 Silicon Based RF Reliability Challenges for 5G CommunicationPaul ColestockGlobalFoundries
4B.3 The role of RF operational life testing in evaluating III-V devices addressing RF through millimeter-wave applicationsElias ReeseQorvo
Regular SessionTransistors I5A.1 FEOL Reliability Issues in Advanced CMOS NodesInanc MericIntel
Regular SessionSystem Electronics Reliability4C.1 Challenges in Prognostics and Health Management of Electronic SystemsMichael AzarianUniv Maryland/CALCE
Regular SessionFailure Analysis7C.4 Localization of high speed failures with a novel detection methodEd ColeSandia