2018 IRPS Invited speakers

The effects of radiation on the terrestrial operation of SiC MOSFETs – Bakin Akturk, CoolCAD

Reliability Challenges in 2.5D Packaging and Embedded Silicon Bridge – Emre Armagan, Intel

Protective nanometer films for reliable Cu-Cu connections – Berthold, Fraunhofer

p-GaN gate reliability including short-circuit robustness – Alberto Castelazzi, Univ.  Nottingham

SiC Power MOSFET Gate Oxide Breakdown Reliability – Current Status – Charles Cheung, NIST

Reliable and damage-resistant optics and detectors for x-ray free-electron lasers – Stefan Hau-Riege, Lawrence National Laboratory

Next Generation Interconnect Reliability Metallization Integration – Chao-Kun Hu, IBM

Reliability of MEMS sensors through self calibration – Amit Lal, Cornell University

Reliability Studies of SiC Vertical Power MOSFETs – Daniel J. Lichtenwalner, Wolfspeed

Exascale Fault Tolerance Challenge and Approaches – Cameron McNairy, Intel

Reliability issues of GaN commercialization – Umesh Mishra, UC Santa Barbara

Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy for failure analysis and process development of GaN-based microelectronic devices – Christian Monachon, Attolight

COTS Electronics Reliability for Space Applications – Jonny Pellish, NASA

System level ESD and its implications on I/O protection – David Pommerenke, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Reliability Challenges on 2.5D/3D chip integration – an Overview – C S Premachandran, Global Foundries

Airplane Systems Design for Reliability & Quality – Anapathur Ramesh, Boeing

Recent Advances in In-situ and In-field Aging Monitoring and Compensation for Integrated Circuits – Mingoo Seok, Columbia University

Role of electron and hole trapping in degradation and breakdown of oxide films – Alex Shluger, University College, London

Permanent shunting from passing shadows: Reverse-bias damage in thin-film photovoltaic modules – Timothy Silverman, NREL

Defects Affecting SiC Power Device reliability – Bob Stahlbush, NRL

The Physics of NBTI:  What Do We Really Know? – Jim Stathis, IBM

Estimating transistor channel temperature using time-resolved and time-integrated NIR photoemission – Franco Stellari, IBM

Reliability perspective of resistive synaptic devices on the neuromorphic system performance – Shimeng Yu, Arizona State University