2021 IRPS Invited speakers

 TitleTopicAuthorAuthor last nameAuthor affiliation
2B.1 (Invited) Progress and Current Topics of JEDEC JC-70.1 Power GaN Device Quality and Reliability Standards ActivityWide-Bandgap Semiconductors- GaNTimMcDonaldInfineon, Chair, JEDEC JC-70.1
StephanieWatts ButlerTexas Instruments, Chair, JEDEC JC-70
2C.1 (Focus) Conductance variations and their impact on the precision of in-memory computing with resistive switching memory (RRAM)Neuromorphic Computing ReliabilityDanieleIelminiPolitecnico di Milano
2C.2 (Focus) Embedded emerging memory technologies for neuromorphic computing: temperature instability and reliabilityNeuromorphic Computing ReliabilityYao-fengChangIntel
2D.1 (Focus) Can Emerging Computing Paradigms Help Enhancing Reliability Towards the End of Technology Roadmap?Neuromorphic Computing ReliabilityRunshengWangPeking University
3B.1 (Focus) New Developments in SiGe HBT Reliability for RF Through mmW CircuitsRF/mmW/5G ReliabilityJohnCresslerGeorgia Tech
3B.2 (Focus) Reliability and Failure Analysis of 100 nm AlGaN/GaN HEMTs under DC and RF StressRF/mmW/5G ReliabilityMichaelDammannFraunhofer Institute IAF
3D.1 (Invited) Single Event Hard Error Due to Terrestrial RadiationSoft ErrorJin-WooHanNASA Ames Research Center
3E.1 (Focus) CMOS RF reliability for 5G mmWave applications – Challenges and OpportunitiesRF/mmW/5G ReliabilityPurushothamanSrinivasanGlobalFoundries
3E.2 (Focus) Guidelines for Space Qualification of Gan HEMTs and MMICsRF/mmW/5G ReliabilityJohn R.ScarpullaThe Aerospace Corporation
3F.1 (Invited) Back End Of Line Opportunities and Reliability Challenges for Future Technology NodesMetallization/BEOL ReliabilityMauroKobrinskyIntel Corporation
3H.1 (Invited) Challenges of Flash Memory for Next DecadeMemory ReliabilityKazunariIshimaruKioxia
4A.1 (Invited) Silicon Lifecycle Management with in-chip MonitoringCircuit Reliability and AgingRajeshKashyapSynopsys
4D.1 (Invited) Reliability of Optoelectronic Module: An overviewPackaging and 2.5/3D AssemblyJohnOsenbachInfinera
5B.1 (Focus) Reliability of STT-MRAM for Various Embedded ApplicationsEmerging Memory ReliabilityShinheeHanSamsung Electronic
5B.2 (Focus) Challenges toward Low-Power SOT-MRAMEmerging Memory ReliabilityShy-JayLinTSMC
5C.1 (Invited) Is There a Perfect SiC MOSFET Device on an Imperfect Crystal?Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors- SiCThomasNeyerON Semiconductor
5C.5 (Invited) Space Radiation Effects on SiC Power Device ReliabilityWide-Bandgap Semiconductors- SiCJean-MarieLauensteinNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
5D.1 (Focus) Reliability aspects of ferroelectric hafnium oxide for application in non-volatile memoriesEmerging Memory ReliabilityThomasMikolajickNamLab and IHM, TU Dresden
5D.2 (Focus) Ultrathin Ferroelectricity and Its Application in Advanced Logic and Memory DevicesEmerging Memory ReliabilitySayeefSalahuddinUC Berkeley