2019 IRPS Workshops - Tuesday, April 2nd, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

All conference participants are invited to attend the 2019 IRPS workshops featuring two brief 50 minute sessions.  Workshops have long been an IRPS tradition on the evening of the technical program’s first day. What are these workshops, who moderates them, and what is the value of me attending them? Workshops consist of moderators and conference attendees focused on a specific reliability topic to discuss. The moderators role as an industry expert is to introduce the topic with one slide as an “ice breaker”, open the topic for discussion and gently guide so all participants may have an opportunity for dialogue, and then create a summary to be shared with the IRPS community (see 2018 links). There is value in attending to learn from your fellow participants. So whether there is really new information, confirmation information, being the most seasoned  reliability engineer, or being the neophyte, one will derive benefit from our carefully selected moderators along with fellow participants. Here is the link to the 2019 IRPS workshops. Please feel free to address questions to the management committee workshop chair,

6:00pmFood and BeveragesTBD
7:00pmFinFETRegency I-IIISouvik Mahapatra

Chetan Prasad
7:00pmBEOL & CPIWindjammer III-IVJeff Gambino
(ON Semi)
Zhuojie (George) Wu
7:00pmDFR/DFRTWindjammer I-IINilanjan Mukherjee
(Mentor Graphics)
Vincent Huard
(Dolphin Integration)
7:00pmGaN/GaN on SiCypressSandeep Bahl
Sameh Khalil
7:00pm3D NANDRegency IV-VIXiaoyu Yang
(Western Digital Corp)
Wei-Chen Chen
7:00pmSystem Reliability
Big SurScott Hareland
8:05pmUTB-SOI FETRegency I-IIITanya Nigam
Vincent Huard
(Dolphin Integration)
8:05pmTSV & Advanced packaging
Windjammer III-IVKristof Croes
Kangwook Lee
(SK hynix)
8:05pmRel. SimulationWindjammer I-IIGeorgios Konstadinidis
James Tschanz
8:05pmSiCCypressNando Kaminski
(Univ. of Bremen)
Anant Agarwal
(The Ohio State Univ.)
Regency IV-VITetsuo Endoh
(Tohoku Univ.)
Junghyuk Lee
Big SurGennadi Bersuker
(Aerospace Corp)
Pey Kin Leong
9:05pmMeeting Moderators