2018 IRPS Workshops - Tuesday, March 13th, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


All conference participants are invited to attend the 2018 IRPS workshops featuring two brief 50 minute sessions.  Workshops have long been an IRPS tradition on the evening of the technical program’s first day. What are these workshops, who moderates them, and what is the value of me attending them? Workshops consist of moderators and conference attendees focused on a specific reliability topic to discuss. The moderators role as an industry expert is to introduce the topic with one slide as an “ice breaker”, open the topic for discussion and gently guide so all participants may have an opportunity for dialogue, and then create a summary to be shared with the IRPS community (see 2017 links). There is value in attending to learn from your fellow participants. So whether there is really new information, confirmation information, being the most seasoned  reliability engineer, or being the neophyte, one will derive benefit from our carefully selected moderators along with fellow participants. Here is the link to the 2017 IRPS workshops. Please feel free to address questions to the management committee workshop chair,

TimeWorkshop topicLocationModeratorSummary
6:00pmFood and BeveragesAtrium
7:00pm3D Transistor reliability - Hot CarrierBallroom_AChetan Prasad (INTEL)
Jacopo Franco (IMEC)
7:00pmProviding Enterprise-level System Reliability in the sub-10nm technology eraBallroom_ERon Newhart (IBM) Cameron McNairy (Intel)Summary
7:00pmEmerging-memory-reliability-challenges and opportunities-in-MRAM, RRAM, 3D XP Ballroom_FJon Slaughter (IBM)
Jerry Chung Wei Hsu (TSMC)
7:00pmAutomotive: What are the challenges for new technologies?Ballroom_BAndreas Aal (VW)
Khai Nguyen (NVIDIA)
Shalabh Tandon (Intel)
7:00pmCircuit-Reliability-advanced-nodes-concerns and CAD tools flowBallroom_GMatthew Hogan (Mentor)
Wonjae Kang (Intel)
Hiu Wong (Synopsys)
7:00pmGaN reliability for power and RF devices - What are the key issues and how to resolve?Ballroom_CSandeep Bahl (TI)
Matteo Meneghini (U of Padova)
8:00pmChallenges and advances in advance node interconnect reliabilityBallroom_GPatrick Justison (Global Foundries)
Rahim Kasim (Intel)
8:00pm3D Transistor reliability: BTIBallroom_ASouvik Mahapatra (IIT Bombay)
Chadwin Young (University of Texas at Dallas)
8:00pmStorage and Memory - SSD, SD, DIMM: Resiliency in design, system-level considerations and role of usage analyticsBallroom_CJay Sarkar (Western Digital - HGST)
Haitham Hamed (SK Hynix)
8:00pmSynergies between GaN and SiC for reliability development and standardizationBallroom_BSameh Khalil (Infineon)
Aivars Lelis (U.S. Army Research Laboratory )
8:00pmAdvanced packaging reliability: 2.5D, 3D and fan-out packaging for system scaleBallroom_FKangwook Lee (Amkor)
Emre Armagan (Intel)
8:00pmCircuit Reliability: In-field healing and repair - serious need or science fiction?Ballroom_EJim Tschanz (Intel)
Alain Bravaix (ISEN-IM2NP & STM)
8:50pmWorkshops done