IRPS 2018 Focus sessions on System Reliability

Focus session on System Reliability

 Title of the focus session: To Space and Beyond: Methods and Themes to Develop Reliable Systems

Abstract of the focus session:

The System Reliability focus session includes invited presentations from five leading experts, covering a diverse range of use cases.  The talks in the first part of the session include approaches to achieve the extremely reliability systems required for autonomous vehicles,  medical devices, and space satellites.  The second part of the session focuses on innovations associated with creating thin displays, and improved prognostics methods. The session seeks to provide attendees with a broad view of these areas, and thus enable them to identify key reliability methodologies and themes that are building blocks to create reliable system for industries and applications even beyond the ones discussed.  Come learn about how other industries develop reliable product and use it in yours!


 Automotive Functional Safety – Riccardo Mariani, Intel

Making the connection between physics of failure and system-level reliability for medical devices – Andy Fenner, Medtronic

Key Attributes to achieving 99.999+ Satellite Availability – Brian Kosinski, Space Systems/Loral, LLC

Comprehensive process of quality and reliability for organic light emitting diode applied flexible mobile display – Jungwoo Park, Samsung

Prognostics and Health Monitoring of Electronic Systems:  A Reliability-Physics Approach – Pradeep Lall, Auburn University