2017 IRPS Tutorials

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Tutorial sessions offer a supreme overview of reliability in semiconductors, circuits, systems unavailable at any other venue at a tremendous value. IRPS conference has a very long history of dedicating two full days to the Tutorials sessions. Since 2011, IRPS conference has offered 129 tutorial 90 minute sessions with an average of over 21 unique sessions per year delivered by industry, academia, and government experts. IRPS tutorial program is designed for the newcomer, the informed, and the expert so whether one is a university student, a field practitioner, or an IEEE fellow, all may gain knowledge in their area or an adjacent one.

April 2nd - TimeSunday Track 1 - Silicon Modes - REGENCY MAINSunday Track 2 - Integrated - REGENCY I
8:30-10:00amFundamental FEOL Reliability: Defect Generation in Gate Dielectrics to Induce Dielectric Breakdown and Device Degradation

Kenji Okada - TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor
Compound Semiconductor Reliability 101

Bill Roesch - Qorvo
10:30-noonInterconnect Reliability Fundamentals

Zsolt Tokei - IMEC
VLSI Design Methodology and Design Verification for Reliability

Michael Zaslavsky and Tim Turner - The Reliability Simulation Group
1:30-3:00pmElectromigration 101

Cathy Christiansen - Global Foundries
NAND Flash Memory Reliability

Hanmant Belgal and Ivan Kalastirsky - Intel
3:30-5:00pmChip Package Interaction (CPI) and its Impacts on Reliability

CS Premachandran - Global Foundries
Challenges for Failure Analysis - Automotive and More-Than-Moore

Ulrike Ganesh - Bosch

April 3rd - TimeMonday Track 1 - Advanced Silicon & Package - REGENCY MAINMonday Track 2 - Automotive & IOT - REGENCY IMonday Track 3 - Integrated - BIG SURMonday Track 4 - Circuit & System - REGENCY IV
8:00-9:30am1. Recent Advances in NBTI in HKMG p-MOSFETs and

2. The Emerging Challenge of Self-Heating In Modern FINFET, ETSOI, and Gate-All-Around III-V Transistors: A Transistor to Tablet Perspective

1. Souvik Mahapatra (IIT, Bombay) and 2. Muhammad Ashraf Alam (Purdue)
The automotive transformation – cost, time-to-market, reliability and security driven design optimization from application down to semiconductor technology

Andreas Aal - Volkswagen AG
AlGaN /GaN Power Device Reliability

Peter Moens - ON Semiconductor
System Telemetry for Reliability Engineering

Rob Kwasnick - Intel
10:00-11:30amAdvanced MOL and BEOL Reliability

Shou Chung Lee - TSMC
Introduction to Automotive Functional Safety – History, Trends, and Relation to Reliability

Karl Greb - NVIDIA
Phase Change Memory: From Basic Technology to System Aspects and New Applications

Haris Pozidis - IBM
System Reliability
Geny Gao - PhD
12:30-2:00pmAdvanced Packaging and 3D Reliability

C. Raman Kothandaraman - IBM
Juggling Knowledge Based and Standards Based Qualification

Bob Knoell - Automotive Electronics Council & NXP
Spin Torque MRAM

Daniel C. Worledge - IBM
Considerations for In-Field Fault Tolerance, Self-Healing, Detection & Recovery Techniques

Arijit Biswas - Intel
2:30-5:00pmYear In Review