Preparing Your Presentation

Important Information for Preparing Your Presentation

For Oral presentations, your PowerPoint presentation must be uploaded to the InControl web-site by April 10, 2016.

Key Dates

  • Mar 9 – Deadline for all authors to register for the symposium
  • Mar 20 – Send oral presentation to session chairs/mentors
  • Apr 10 – Oral presentation final upload for symposium presentation

Detailed instructions for Poster Presentations

Detailed instructions for Oral Presentations (read below):

Before you get started, it is important that you read the IRPS 2016 Audio/Visual Presentations Standards to ensure that your presentation at the Symposium is readable, and the clarity and impact of your message is maximized. You may also consult with your session chair.

This Symposium poses a unique challenge because we typically project to a large audience and we need to keep the house lights bright enough for everyone to take notes. A visual that is adequate for a group of 10 to 20 people may not be adequate for a large audience. Therefore the visual quality of your presentation is critical and is a key element to the success of your paper. Please follow the A/V standards carefully.

Once you have received the feedback from you mentor and have made the necessary changes, you may upload your presentation file to the InControl web-site – follow the instructions on how to upload your final presentation. We will be using audio capture technology to record your presentation and later link it to your PowerPoint visuals to produce the 2016 Virtual IRPS on USB flash drive.

Please note your primary point of contact is always your reviewer and/or session chair. Prior to the conference, direct any questions to your session chair, who will seek further clarification with the presentations chair if necessary during the conference, you may contact the A/V chair or members of the A/V committee.

At the Symposium

  • Please review the A/V equipment either the night before or on the morning of your presentation, together with your session chair. Specific instructions will be sent to you prior to the symposium.
  • Review your slides in the A/V setup room no later than the day before your presentation.
  • Bring a backup electronic copy of your presentation with you to the symposium.
  • Bring a hard copy printout of your presentation for the author’s corner. Specific instructions regarding the authors’ corner set-up will be provided to you as the Symposium approaches.

Author’s Corner

All oral presenters are expected to participate in the Author’s Corner immediately following their session. These lively sessions (an IRPS tradition since 1982) allow for one-on-one interaction with the attendees. The goal of the A/V team is to help you present your work as clearly and professionally as possible. We will be happy to help you in any way we can. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice, and ask early in the process.

Thanks and best regards,

2016 IRPS Presentations Chair: Koji Eriguchi
2015 IRPS Audio-Visual Chair: Robert Kaplar