2016 IRPS Workshops

The Workshops are scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


There will be sign-up sheets at the symposium for the attendees, and will place the sessions with the highest attendance in the largest rooms.

Workshop Information:

  • Transistor / Circuits, Moderator TBD
  • BEOL, Ki-Don and Gavin Hall, OnSemi
  • Compound, Jungwoo Joh, Texas Instruments, Toshi Kikkawa Transphorm, Jose Jimenez, Qorvo
  • System Reliability, Moderator TBD
  • Advanced CPI, Moderator TBD
  • Memory, Moderator TBD

Detailed descriptions of the topics can be found below.


Workshop chairs and co-chairs will prepare opening remarks to the workshop attendees in their session. IRPS will provide AV equipment as necessary (overheads and/or projectors). Notes taken by group volunteer during the discussions will be uploaded to the IRPS web-site and/or the LinkedIn site.


Tuesday, April 19. 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Transistor / Circuit

WS.1 – Advanced CMOS Nodes (FDSOI, FinFET) usage for High Reliability Markets from Device and Design

Moderator: Puneet Gupta, UCLA


WS.2 – Challenges for EM and SM / Test Time / Power Management

Challenges for EM & SM / Test time / Power management

  • Scaling trends and challenges for EM and SM, IR drop, barrier options and Blech Effect, 7nm and beyond
  • Best test method and structure to reduce test time
  • Power EM and interaction with package Integrated power and on die power management

Thermal effect/thermal mechanism concerns

Moderators: Ki-Don and Gavin Hall, OnSemi


WS.3 – GaN Reliability – What is Missing? What Should be Looked at Beyond What’s Already Known?

Moderators: Jungwoo Joh (Texas Instruments), Toshi Kikkawa (Transphorm), Jose Jimenez (Qorvo)

System Reliability

WS.4 – Design for Reliability for Internet of Things

Moderator: Shalabh Tandon, Edmund Lee, Intel

Advanced CPI

WS.5 – 2.5/3D Packaging

Moderator: Chandrasekara Kothandaraman, IBM


WS.6 – Memory Reliability for Automotive Application

Moderator: Ben Schmid, NXP

WS.7 – MOL Reliability

Moderator: Richard Southwick, Ernest Wu, IBM