2017 IRPS Tutorials

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April 2nd - TimeSunday Track 1 - Silicon ModesSunday Track 2 - Integrated
8:30-10:00amFundamental FEOL Reliability: Defect Generation in Gate Dielectrics to Induce Dielectric Breakdown and Device Degradation

Kenji Okada - TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor
Compound Semiconductor Reliability 101

Bill Roesch - Qorvo
10:30-noonInterconnect Reliability Fundamentals

Zsolt Tokei - IMEC
VLSI Design Methodology and Design Verification for Reliability

Michael Zaslavsky and Tim Turner - The Reliability Simulation Group
1:30-3:00pmElectromigration 101

Cathy Christiansen - Global Foundries
NAND Flash Memory Reliability

Hanmant Belgal and Ivan Kalastirsky - Intel
3:30-5:00pmChip Package Interaction (CPI) and its Impacts on Reliability

CS Premachandran - Global Foundries
Challenges for Failure Analysis - Automotive and More-Than-Moore

Ulrike Ganesh - Bosch

April 3rd - TimeMonday Track 1 - Advanced Silicon & PackageMonday Track 2 - Automotive & IOTMonday Track 3 - IntegratedMonday Track 4 - Circuit & System
8:00-9:30am1. Recent Advances in NBTI in HKMG p-MOSFETs and

2. The Emerging Challenge of Self-Heating In Modern FINFET, ETSOI, and Gate-All-Around III-V Transistors: A Transistor to Tablet Perspective

1. Souvik Mahapatra (IIT, Bombay) and 2. Muhammad Ashraf Alam (Purdue)
Extrinsic Defects, Getting to Zero dpm- How to do it?

AlGaN /GaN Power Device Reliability

Peter Moens - ON Semiconductor
System Telemetry for Reliability Engineering

Rob Kwasnick - Intel
10:00-11:30amAdvanced MOL and BEOL Reliability

Shou Chung Lee - TSMC
Introduction to Automotive Functional Safety – History, Trends, and Relation to Reliability

Karl Greb - NVIDIA
Phase Change Memory: From Basic Technology to System Aspects and New Applications

Haris Pozidis - IBM
System Reliability
Geny Gao - EMC
12:30-2:00pmAdvanced Packaging and 3D Reliability

C. Raman Kothandaraman - IBM
Juggling Knowledge Based and Standards Based Qualification

Bob Knoell - NXP
Spin Torque MRAM

Daniel C. Worledge - IBM
Considerations for In-Field Fault Tolerance, Self-Healing, Detection & Recovery Techniques

Arijit Biswas - Intel
2:30-5:00pmYear In Review